Voter Resources

Voter Resources

Your Voice. Your Vote.

This Primary, there is a lot at stake in 62A. Depending on where you live in the district, you may have 8 or 9 contested races to vote in, and more than 40 candidates to choose from!

Every Primary, our district (like others) sees a drop in turnout. Let’s change that this year. If we turned out even an extra 5,000 people this cycle — which is possible — our district could significantly influence the outcome of August 14th up and down the ballot.

To get there, we are asking you to do just two things:


Find out who is on your ballot and your polling location. Once you’ve decided who you want to support, you can vote early downtown at the Early Vote Center, or head to the polls on August 14.

Tell your friends and neighbors to vote!

So many people do not participate in the Primary because they don’t know it is happening, haven’t been asked to vote, or are unsure why a Primary is important or what to do.¬†Simply asking people to go, or go with you, can be the push needed.¬†Pass this page along to help out if needed!

Bonus: Join us on the doors or phones! Every day, we meet someone who wasn’t planning to vote for one reason or another. Help us reach more potential voters by signing up to volunteer!