Karen Clark endorses Jen Kader

I am incredibly honored to receive the official endorsement of my close friend and mentor, Rep. Karen Clark, who has been a tireless champion for our district.

“I have known and worked with Jen for at least 8 years, working with her as a deeply committed grassroots leader in the Whittier neighborhood and with the Women’s Environmental Institute. Her passion for and ready knowledge of social and environmental justice issues gives me hope and confidence as I leave my legislative office to a successor.”

I am proud to share this endorsement with my friend and fellow candidate, Margarita Ortega.

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Jen signing the No Fossil Fuel Pledge

Jen pledges to take #nofossilfuelmoney!

Today, Jen signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, proudly affirming that she will not accept money from oil, gas, or coal industries.

Climate change is undeniably one of the most important issues of our time. It is also one of the driving reasons Jen decided to run for office, recognizing that state-level offices are well positioned to support the transition to renewable energy, strengthen local environmental protections, and invest in infrastructure built for a changed (and changing) climate.

Minnesota is one of the fastest-warming states in the nation, and the threats we face include hazards such as increased extreme heat, extreme rainfall, and humidity. These hazards will impact water supply, roads and bridges, public health, our environment, and more. 

Jen has actively led on reducing green house gas emissions and preparing our communities for climate impacts for more than ten years. Something as far-reaching as climate change requires intentional focus – focus Jen will bring to the legislature as a champion of environmental policies.

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Heading to the Capitol for OutFront’s 2018 Lobby Day for LGBTQ Equity

District 62A has had an incredible champion of LGBTQ issues in its Representative for 38 years. Karen Clark has been a tireless advocate, from passing early anti-discrimination laws all the way to securing marriage equality. I am committed to upholding and building on her legacy, making sure that the aggressive anti-LGBTQ policies coming from our nation’s capital do not erode the progress that has been made at the state level. And despite progress made on the front of LGBTQ equity, there is still work to be done.

I have been an activist and ally working on LGBTQ issues for more than a decade, fighting for state and local policies that advance equity. As State Representative for 62A, my LGBTQ policy will be an intersectional one that prioritizes making sure all voices are heard in the fight for equity. The issues we face in Minnesota are many, and they are connected. We cannot make gains in achieving equity for LGBTQ Minnesotans without simultaneously addressing systemic racism, housing stability, health care, educational attainment, income inequality, and more.

In representing our district and state, I will continue to seek collaboration with people and organizations – like OutFront Minnesota – that have been on the front lines of creating a state with equal protections, opportunities, and rights of everyone regardless of who they are or who they love. I will work hard to uplift the voices and stories of people affected first hand by discrimination, and follow their lead in drafting and supporting policies that acknowledge and secure basic human rights for all Minnesotans.

To that end, today I plan to join OutFront Minnesota at the Capitol for LGBTQ Lobby Day, where I will stand alongside LGBTQ people and other allies from around the state in advocating for the following, as identified on the organization’s event page:

  • Support a Ban on Conversion Therapy for Youth and Vulnerable Adults
  • Support the LGBTQ Protection Bill which Stops Defendants from Using the Victim’s Sexual Orientation or Identity as a Allowable Criminal Defenses  for the Use of Force
  • Support a Bill Prohibiting Discrimination of Trans Individuals by Health Plan Companies
  • Support a Bill Calling for the Creation of an LGBTQ Council within the Government
  • Support the Inclusion of Affirmative Consent Standards in Campus Sexual Assault Policies
  • Support a Bill Protecting the Right to Protest
  • Oppose a Bill Calling for Surrogacy Restrictions
  • Oppose an Anti-Protest Bill

I am so appreciative of all the work OutFront Minnesota has done, and for the leadership of Karen Clark, whom I grateful to have as a mentor and close friend. I am proudly participating today in the LGBTQ Lobby Day. I hope you will join me.