Stable, Fair Investment in Infrastructure

State investment in infrastructure should reflect the diverse needs of all Minnesotans, while putting our limited resources to use in an equitable and sustainable way that doesn’t unfairly pit urban and rural communities against each other for critical funds.

Together, we must:

-Treat stable, affordable housing as critical infrastructure and a fundamental tool for supporting economic vitality in our communities — with special attention to renters, who make up 82% of households in our district and face increasing cost burden.

-Make sure all Minnesotans have access to clean drinking water today and in the future by investing in water treatment plant upgrades, supporting policies that promote water reuse, and secure adequate financial support to keep pace with infrastructure maintenance and replacement.

-Ensure our investment in public transportation matches the needs of our neighbors, including more robust and reliable transit service to job centers.

-Bridge the longstanding funding gap for roads and bridges in order to support a safe and durable transportation network across our state.

-Recognize that access to affordable high-speed internet is a key economic driver, and work toward a future where every community benefits from it.

-Fight federal efforts to erode protections for internet users, including the repeal of net neutrality.

-Support leadership at the local level to make streets and sidewalks accessible to all users.

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