Social & Economic Justice

Minnesota’s economy is booming, yet too many Minnesotans are being left behind. One of my top priorities in the legislature is fixing an inadequate system that is failing our district by reinforcing longstanding racial disparities.

Together, we must:

-Support workers’ rights and the ability to organize, fight “Right to Work”, protect prevailing wage, and ensure that everyone is protected from wage theft, has guaranteed fair scheduling and access to paid family leave.

-Erase racial and gender wage disparities by providing resources and support to minority-, immigrant- and women-owned businesses.

-Continue pushing rights and protection for the transgender community, from childhood through adulthood, and building on progress made by leaders in the LGBTQIA community.

-Ensure affordable and safe housing options for all Minnesotans, especially our lowest-income neighbors, seniors, persons with disabilities, and those with criminal records.

-Rectify the damage done to our Indigenous community by working proactively today to undo decades of discrimination, taking lead from our Indigenous neighbors.

-Legalize marijuana in Minnesota and ensure the release of those incarcerated for related offenses, in addition to erasing such offenses from criminal records.

-Pass policy that will ease debt burdens of many in the state, from student loan forgiveness to protecting community members from predatory lending and rate-gouging payday loan centers.

-Support and strengthen the rights of Minnesotans with disabilities, including equal access to transportation and employment.

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