Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is social justice. The environment is our base and context for jobs, public health, and so much more. When we safeguard our precious natural resources and harness opportunities to live with reduced environmental impact, we can deliver public health and economic benefits to all Minnesotans.

Together, we must:

-Pursue policy solutions that lower harmful greenhouse gas emissions, keeping Minnesota on pace with international environmental leaders.

-Promote growth in our clean energy economy and equitable access to its benefits, including lower utility bills for consumers and the tax base growth that comes with locally sited renewable generation.

-Safeguard our state’s lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, and drinking water, making sure we address threats these resources already face from pollution and over-use, recognizing the vital importance water plays for economic stability and growth, and life in general.

-Address air pollution that has for generations disproportionately affected low-income and urban communities like ours, resulting in high concentrations of respiratory illness and other health issues.

-Continue to support the East Phillips community’s vision to transform the Roof Depot site into a one that promotes green jobs, local food production, and solar generation.

-Prepare Minnesota for the impacts of climate change by reducing vulnerabilities to extreme heat, extreme rainfall, and severe storms in ways that address many of the issues we face now, including poor air quality, water resource pollution, habitat loss, and more.

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