Jen’s Vision

In this time of divisive politics and government gridlock, we need a convener with statewide experience who can build real and lasting solutions at the State Capitol. Too often, strategies that would address issues faced by Minnesotans across the state are not even introduced, even when there is documented popular support. We can find common ground without compromising progressive values. Our communities deserve better than to have real solutions fall victim to party politics.

I refuse to accept the narratives of red vs. blue, or urban vs. rural. I have lived and worked in urban, suburban, and rural communities, and know first hand that our issues – and opportunities – are linked. When we reframe how we talk about issues, to move away from talking points to actually recognizing the everyday reality of Minnesotans, we uncover a world of possibility to advance durable policy solutions, and that gives me hope.

That gives me hope for a future where:

  • If you are sick or injured, you can afford to get the care you need – including preventative and mental health care
  • We are responding to climate change with the necessary urgency to both reduce harmful emissions and prepare our communities for impacts
  • Our infrastructure meets the needs of our communities, today and for future generations
  • Everyone in our community has the same access to rights, protections, and opportunities, no matter where they are from, who they love, how they worship, or the color of their skin.

My experience working with communities, local governments, state agencies, and elected officials on projects that move from talk to action has prepared me to tackle our biggest challenges.

I will be ready on day one to get to work, and can’t wait for you to join me.

Let’s do this!

Social & Economic Justice

Minnesota’s economy is booming, yet too many Minnesotans are being left behind. One of my top priorities in the legislature is fixing an inadequate system that is failing our district by reinforcing longstanding racial disparities.

Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is social justice. The environment is our base and context for jobs, public health, and so much more. When we safeguard our precious natural resources and harness opportunities to live with reduced environmental impact, we can deliver public health and economic benefits to all Minnesotans.

Health & Wellbeing

Every Minnesotan has the right to live a happy and healthy life, and to access the resources they need to do so.

Safe Communities

Especially as our federal government undermines the safety and security of many of our neighbors, it is essential that our state government does everything it can to protect all Minnesotans.

Stable, Fair Investment in Infrastructure

State investment in infrastructure should reflect the diverse needs of all Minnesotans, while putting our limited resources to use in an equitable and sustainable way that doesn’t unfairly pit urban and rural communities against each other for critical funds.


When our children fall behind, Minnesota falls behind. Chronic underinvestment in education puts at risk our potential to be an economic leader and further delays long-overdue efforts to undo racial disparities in our community.