Get to Know Jen

I am a first-time candidate, driven by hope, with a long history as an advocate on an array of issues. I am a convener that sees past talking points and sound bytes to seek compromise and common ground while staying true to my progressive values. I focus on strategies and actions that can be implemented, moving past platitudes to getting work done. And I am ready to bring my skills and experience to the capitol.

I am running to be the next State Representative in 62A because I honestly believe that politics and policy are tools we have available to us to make a real difference to improve people’s lives. I often hear statements like “I was young and idealistic once, too, and that that will change”, or “all parties are the same”, or even “well that’s politics for you”. And what I’ve never liked about those statements is that they convey that the future is already written, the status quo will remain, and nothing we do will make a difference.

I refuse to accept that. And when I find something I can’t accept, I set out to do something about it. That’s why I became an organizer and devoted my professional and personal life to making positive changes happen.

  • I’ve helped start local and statewide groups like MN350, Whittier Project, and the original Give-a-Shit Social Club.
  • I’ve served on tasks forces, boards, and commissions for transportation, the environment, community building, and economic development.
  • I’ve donated my expertise in facilitation and coalition building to community groups to create and pursue opportunities that can change the world around us.
  • I work with people at the Capitol, across the state, and across the political spectrum to work together to address environmental issues.

I know we can do better. Our system is broken, but we built it, and I’m running to use my skills and background to work with you to fix it and pass legislation that will help our communities – in 62A and across the state.

The Candidate

Jen has a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning with a concentration in Climate Change Planning from the Humphrey School for Public Affairs, a Certificate in Community-Based Development from Colorado State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

The Campaign

We’re building a positive, solutions-oriented campaign, and are excited to build this with you. Stay tuned to this page to see more about what we’re doing, why, and how you can get involved.