Get to Know Jen

I often talk about hope, about the idea that the future isn’t written and that—as a result—we can change the world around us. As a community organizer by trade, I’ve lived this philosophy, and devoted my professional and personal time to the pursuit of building local capacity to create change.

  • A decade ago as a college student, I was frustrated at the extent to which my campus was contributing to waste and greenhouse gas emissions. In my final year and after I graduated, I channeled that frustration into working collaboratively with faculty, staff, other students, and the local utility to build what is now an award-winning sustainability program.
  • When I first moved to Minneapolis, my desire to do something about climate change (and help others do something, too) led to joining with a small group of people to found MN350.
  • As Community Organizer for the Whittier Alliance, I recognized that there were a lot of people in the neighborhood that did not feel like they had a voice in the organization or felt it was unwelcoming. I sought those people out, actively listened to their concerns and desires, and found ways to work together to improve the neighborhood and the lives of those in it.
  • From 2013-2015, when my jobs did not entail direct community organizing, I helped form the social and advocacy groups Whittier Project and Give-A-Shit Social Club—two groups focused on providing support for community building and engagement in local politics.
  • In my current position at Freshwater Society, I work with people across the state and across the political spectrum to empower local communities to take their next steps to protect lakes, rivers, streams, and drinking water supply in ways that reflect their needs and values.

Hope, action, and community have been at the heart of my work for over a decade—experience I’ll bring to bear as the next State Representative for MN 62A.

I hope you’ll join me in this work. Let’s do this.


Jen’s Vision

In this time of divisive politics and government gridlock, we need a convener with statewide experience who can build real and lasting solutions at the State Capitol. I see the challenges our community and state faces, as well as so many opportunities to improve the lives and well-being of all Minnesotans. Read More…

The Candidate

Jen has a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning with a concentration in Climate Change Planning from the Humphrey School for Public Affairs, a Certificate in Community-Based Development from Colorado State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

She has served on the Nicollet-Central Transit Alternatives Community and Technical Advisory Committee as well as the Community Environmental Advisory Commission for the City of Minneapolis. She is Co-Chair for the Board of Directors for the Women’s Environmental Institute, recently was elected to the board of directors for the Whittier Alliance neighborhood association, and has served as a board member for Clean Up the River Environment, based out of Montevideo, MN.

District 62A

The Campaign

We’re building a positive, solutions-oriented campaign, and are excited to build this with you. Stay tuned to this page to see more about what we’re doing, why, and how you can get involved.